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Godpreneur Mastermind
Coaching Club
Everyone needs a Coach. Why you need to work with a coach

  • Achieve Greatness
  • Increase Productivity
  • Personal & Professional Growth
  • Make More Money
  • Leave a Legacy
  • Realize your dreams faster

At Godpreneur.me we have 2 coaching programs:

1. Godpreneur Mastermind

Godprenuer Mastermind is an annual coaching membership club. Membership fee is $250/yr

Our goal is to help you succeed and achieve your dreams in leadership, business or ministry. 

More Features include:

Online membership

Access to 1 (20 minutes) sessions a month

group mastemind virtual coaching sessions 3-4 a year

Invitation to Annual live conference

Coaching Emails Newsletter

Video coaching

Inspirational Text messages

Mastermind conference calls

50% Discounts on Godpreneur University

25% Tuition Discount towards a degree at Higher Place Chrstian University

2. Godpreneur Personal Coaching 

Godprenuer personal coaching is for those who want to work with either Dr. Uyi Abraham or
Dr. Faith Abraham as their personal coach. Financial investment is considearbly higher than in Godpreneur Mastermind Club. Email us below and we will get back to you

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